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Tony Servedio is a self-taught artist
whose need for self-expression first
articulated itself in oil paintings during
the mid-nineties.  For years, he kept
his work to himself preferring to paint
in solitude and anonymity—only
exposing his gifts to the public when
setting his art curbside to watch
strangers take it home for their own

For years now, Tony's art has matured,
grown, and developed into a style all
his own.  His large-scale oil paintings
reflect his love of the sea and his
vibrant life on the seashore.  The latest
manifestation of Tony's innate talent
and irrefutable need for artistic
expression comes in the form of
Tony has called the East End his full-time home for four years now, and his love of the East
End's vast rugged shoreline has blossomed into a veritable obsession with driftwood.  He
takes great care of his amazing driftwood finds and uses his skill and talent to fashion them
into modern sculpture inspired by the sea they emerge from and the land on which they are

His latest adventure in driftwood involves the casting of his driftwood sculpture in bronze.  
The new series explores the temporal nature of his source material and seeks to make the
objects' ephemeral beauty a thing of permanence.